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Hello and Welcome to My Gallery

I paint for fun and because it gives me immense pleasure. By joining me to view my paintings on CosimasArt site, you can accompany me on my journey through some of the sights that have inspired me to put my feelings into colour.  Whether enjoying the tranquillity of Cornwall, the history and architecture of London and or the windswept sunsets of Fuerte Ventura – what you will see here  is what I feel and see when I am lucky enough to see places of great beauty.

My gallery showcases some examples of my original artworks - my oil paintings tend to be 80cm by 60cm but there are a handful of smaller tiles. 


These paintings are not for sale at the moment but some will be released as prints and I may offer some select original pieces for purchase in the future.


I do also paint to commission so do get in touch if you would like a piece of CosimasArt as part of your collection.


Thank you and take your time to browse and enjoy and if anything in particular catches your eye let me know or feel free to share it with a friend.


Thank you,


Cosima Xxx

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